Full Wedding Photos Checklist

*** Please Note ***
Very Important:
Please ask your guests to refrain from standing up and taking photos during the ceremony as they could easily be in the way of us getting shots. Also, please ask that your guests refrain from using flash photography as this could affect your shot outcome as well. Thank you.

1) Hair and makeup

Pre-vows, the men:
2) The groom
3) The groomsmen
4) The groom with mom
5) The groom with dad
6) Parents of the groom

Pre-vows, the ladies:
7) The bride
8) The brides maids
9) The flower girl
10) All the ladies
11) The bride with mom
12) The bride with dad
13) Parents of the bride

Pre-vows, the venue:
14) The bride exiting her makeup room
15) A look down the aisle

Wedding begins:
16) Groomsmen and brides maids down the aisle
17) Ring bearer and flower girl down the aisle
18) Bride and father down the aisle

The ceremony (no flash):
19) The vows
20) The rings
21) The kiss
22) Couple pronounced
23) Departing

After the ceremony:
24) If time permits, mock the ceremony with better lighting
25) The couple
26) The couple with both parties
27) The couple with each sets of parents
28) The couple with both sets of parents
29) The entire wedding party and parents

The reception:
30) The cake
31) The cake topper
32) The guests
33) The couple dance
34) The toast by best man
35) The toast by maid of honor
36) The bride and father dance
37) The groom and mother dance
38) More dancing, whole party
39) Cutting the cake
40) Feeding the cake (bride and groom)
41) More random photos of the reception and guests
42) The garter toss
43) The bouquet toss

After the reception:
44) The rings
45) The couple exit the reception
46) The couple get in car
47) The couple drive off
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