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Shooting Fees

  • $25.00 per hour + Files and/or Prints billed separately and individually (see chart below)
    High Definition Single ImageHD-JPG15.00
    Wallets - Set of 42" x 3"6.00
    Single Print4" x 6"6.00
    Single Print5" x 7"8.00
    Single Print8" x 10"10.00
    Single Print12" x 18"17.00
    Single Print16" x 20"24.00
    Single Print24" x 36"50.00
    Prints - Large Pack(4)4x6, (2)5x7, (1)8x1020.00
    Prints - Ultimate Pack(20)4x6, (3)5x7, (3)8x10, (20)Wallets35.00
  • Pricing for prints, above, does not include the cost of shipping, which will be added on to your order
  • Travel fees may apply (see below)
  • Optional thumb drive of your images can be provided for $25.00, otherwise purchased images can be downloaded directly from this site at no cost
Weddings or Events
  • $150.00 per hour + $25.00 for thumb drive + Travel (see below)
  • First hour deposit required at the time of booking
  • All processed digital image files or video included
  • An agenda and/or explicit instructions/expectations for the event are required, in writing (electronic or print), prior to the start of the event
Travel (if applicable)
Travel cost is one dollar per mile, round trip, to the site of your shoot from Lake Mary, Florida.

What is the 'High Definition Single Image'?
For weddings/events all processed files are included in the price. For portraits, you purchase only the images you want. This option is if you would rather have the image file than a paper print. To purchase a file (or files), click on the PRINTS menu and input your Gallery ID. Choose any picture in your gallery and then in the selection box choose the High Definition Single Image option, and add it to your cart. If ordering 10+ image files, the cost per file is discounted automatically on the ordering page. All digital images are in JPG format only.

Payments accepted via cash, check, or PayPal.

Please note deposits are non-refundable.

Pricing subject to change without notice.
The images contained on this site are copyrighted © 2014-2019. No reproduction of images is allowed without written consent from Thomas S. Macioszek. All rights reserved. We are located in Lake Mary, Florida. Please click on the Contact menu to reach us.

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